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Combining our signature guest experience evaluation framework with brand-specific touches, we craft tailored recommendations to bring out the very best in our clients’ offer.

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In hospitality, guests are at the heart of everything we do. They crave immersive and personalised experiences, willing to pay extra for them. In a sea of choices, they will instantly find alternatives if you disappoint on any step of the way.

Understanding every phase of their journey is crucial, ensuring you anticipate their needs. Our industry expertise can boost profit margins, lifetime value, staff satisfaction rates and guest spending while reducing acquisition costs.

Polish your guest experience with our help and watch both your guests and business thrive.

1. Get a bird’s eye view

Guests care about what they get, not about what you sell. They want to feel welcomed, have their needs anticipated and special requests catered for. They expect—and deserve—to get the most bang for their buck. Satisfied guests spend more, return often, and become advocates when expectations are exceeded. Top performers in hospitality targeting high-value guests invest in guest experience strategies and you too can outshine your competition as we help you gain a comprehensive view of all the touchpoints and make recommendations how to elevate the experience on each one of them. - Guest Experience Assessment and Consulting - Guest Experience Assessment and Consulting

2. Find room for improvement

We assess your guest experience, offering constructive feedback to proactively cater to their needs. Our expertise helps you personalize experiences for higher satisfaction, loyalty and referrals. Guests who feel cared for spend more, become repeat customers, and bring in new guests. Excelling in guest services also leads to higher workplace satisfaction—less time on complaints, more on creating memorable experiences.

3. In for the long haul

Your business revolves around your guests. Understanding their ever-changing needs drives revenue, but with managers’ task overload and lack of expertise, the staff can’t be expected to provide high-quality guest experiences, let alone consistently. That’s where we step in. Have us run the initial guest experience evaluation, craft tailored recommendations and then help you monitor service delivery and tweak the strategy as needed. VeryGuest can act as your part-time Guest Experience Maker, advising you on any elements of hospitality excellence. Trust our strengths so you have time to focus on yours. - Guest Experience Assessment and Consulting

Level up the guest experience

Choose from our hospitality-tailored training for managers, evaluation of guest experience journeys and bespoke workshops for guest-facing staff.

Flagship program

Evaluation & report

  • Ideal for hotels & resorts, holiday villas, F&B ventures and experience providers in tourism, wellness, events
  • A comprehensive assessment with our proprietary guest experience evaluation framework
  • Tailored recommendations report taking brand-specific requirements into account
  • Conducted on site or online; core management team input required


Mystery visits

  • An independent mystery guest visit to your hotel or resort, F&B facility or other hospitality venture
  • Custom duration
  • Management and core team input not required
  • Tailored recommendations based on the proprietary guest experience evaluation framework

Tailored partnerships


  • Guest experience onboarding for all new staff
  • Regular guest experience evaluations and reporting; mystery visits
  • Guest experience management role takeover
  • Discounted, locked rates for VeryGuest programs

GX training


  • Perfect for tourism development associations, management teams and guest-facing staff
  • Introduction to guest experience management
  • Insights into industry best practices
  • Live onsite or online
  • Workshops and tailored programs to enhance specific skillsets available

Businesses we serve

Our properietary guest experience evaluation, mystery visits and guest experience consulting can benefit any hospitality venture. We specialise in assisting boutique providers who aim to create distinctive value in their offerings. - Guest Experience Assessment and Consulting

Resorts & hotels - Guest Experience Assessment and Consulting

Holiday rentals - Guest Experience Assessment and Consulting

Self-service lodging - Guest Experience Assessment and Consulting

Yacht charters - Guest Experience Assessment and Consulting

Golf estates - Guest Experience Assessment and Consulting

Spa & wellness - Guest Experience Assessment and Consulting

Wine & dine - Guest Experience Assessment and Consulting

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Our story

VeryGuest was born from its founder’s pain and passion—a frustration with businesses falling short of guest experience excellence and the expertise to help them improve.

Barbara’s extensive experience in luxury hospitality, organizational development, guest services, digital marketing, state protocol and more, make her a subject matter expert in hospitality CX. Collaborating with owners, management, tech providers and travelers, VeryGuest is a consultancy that perfects hospitality businesses’ guest experience. - Guest Experience Assessment and Consulting - Barbara Tori

Barbara Tori


Frequently asked questions

Deriving from the concept of customer experience (CX), guest experience is how a guest feels as a result of every interaction they have with a company. Guests are experience hoppers fuelled by convenience and set high expectations of your business based on their most recent best experience. For you to sell more, drive loyalty and deliver on your customer promise, you want to get every single interaction right.

As The CX Academy put it nicely, guests no longer tolerate businesses that lure them in with shiny offers and then milk them; they want to trust companies they interact with, be provided relevant, customised attention, do business with utmost ease and have issues resolved promptly. If they have heroic recovery plans in place for when things go wrong, all the better! In short, guests want to feel they made the right decision on how they’re spending their time and money.

Nowadays it is difficult to compete on product and price, so guest experience can provide differentiation. Satisfied guests will stay longer, spend more, return more often and share their positive experiences with their social circle; the more you know them, the more tailored services you can provide. Did you know it costs 5-times as much to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one? A better guest experience also leads to higher staff satisfaction, reduced costs to serve and an increased bottom line through repeat sales and higher prices guests are willing to pay for exemplary guest experience with businesses they feel close to.

We have developed a comprehensive, 150-touch point benchmarking tool that scores the quality of a guest journey. The assessment encompasses all the standard steps and interactions a guest has with a hospitality business, thereby providing you with an unbiased status report of where you stand in terms of anticipating your guests’ needs and acting on them. This allows us to create tailored recommendations on additional touchpoints to capture so you can provide 5-star experiencesregardless of your actual rating so you can retain guests, drive profits and increase workplace happiness for your team. 

Certainly, we are passionate about helping smaller hospitality businesses thrive. Our assessment and recommendations can benefit family-run guesthouses, Airbnbs and everyone else who has the basic operations set up but would like to level up and provide a memorable, repeat-worthy experience rather than just accommodation, food or trip. Contact us to discuss the details.